Meet our team

After discovering the world of cryptocurrencies at the end of 2020, Stéphane quickly focused his interests on Elrond. The Elrond community has a lot to do with it because the state of mind is very pleasant and the mutual aid is very present. The passion for NFTs then arrived and the ideas to develop a useful project also.

Working as a technical instructor for Amazon Web Services and passionate about cryptocurrencies, Florian decided to take an active part to the Elrond ecosystem by joining crypto projects (i.e: and The idea of creating an NFT that would generate passive incomes really matched his view of what NFTs should be. Therefore, he will use his experience both in tech and crypto as well as his network to make this happen for the knights of The Round Table.


Recently graduated from a master's degree in computer science and business management, Benoit started exploring Elrond possibilities. He is fond of technology and is looking forward to getting as many skills as he can. He is currently working on building up his knowledge about Elrond Smart Contracts. Which will be key for our system and reward mechanism.


Meet our Emissaries

Emissaries have a very important role for The Tavern. Indeed, they will travel the world and explore new horizons, to find interesting investments and establish partnerships.


LuckyEltan is a true blockchain explorer, he likes to discover new blockchains even before they go mainnet (Sei, Venom, Starknet, Shardeum, etc.) He has a strong focus on DeFi and a mid-long term investor profile. By joining The Tavern, LuckyEltan will help us to be very early on blockchains and forge strong partnerships with builders.


Shint has a balanced profile between tokens and NFTs, he mostly works on the Ethereum blockchain where he already has a lot of contacts. He also loves to attend IRL blockchain-related events which allows him to talk to founders in-person and stay up-to-date. Moreover, Shint speaks japanese and is mostly involved in non-french communities, this will for sure add a lot of value for our already existing community.


Urukubarr is definitely one of our most involved knights being with us even before our mint. He is very involved in both Ethereum and Solana ecosystems. He has a preference for DeFi but also likes to trade NFTs from time to time. Urukubarr is also the founder of the Unique Face Organic project.