The Story of The Round Table
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This story takes place in Camelot where King Arthur is ruling his kingdom together with his knights of The Round Table in his magnificent castle. The king wants to travel around the world to find the holy grail, the most important quest of his life. The king needs you, knight of the round table, to join him in this journey and maybe, find some treasures along the way.

When they are not traveling the country or fighting against invaders, the knights of the round table meet at the tavern. The Tavern is the heart of Camelot where lots of travelers and all the knights meet to enjoy a fresh drink and reinvent the world.

One evening, after a couple of beers, Lancelot, one of the most famous and brave of the knights, began to tell a story. A legend that he heard from an old traveler who once stopped at the tavern. According to the legend, far away, on the other side of the sea, other lands exist. That old man mentioned people speaking unknown languages and farming vegetables that he had never seen before. He added that some of these lands were very rich and full of treasures… After a long moment of silence, the knights of the round table decided to travel and conquer these other lands...

The Round Table is an investment fund that allows investors to obtain rewards based on the profits made. Investors can choose between the different investment pools offered simply by holding an NFT/SFT of the corresponding collection.

The Round Table currently offers two invesment pools:

  • πŸ‘‰ The Round Table: that is mostly exposed to the MultiversX ecosystem.

  • πŸ‘‰ The Tavern: that is primarily focusing on cross-chain investments.

Investors obtain rewards by owning NFTs from The Round Table or SFTs from The Tavern depending on which investment type they are interested in. Of course, it is possible to diversify and be exposed to both pools by holding both assets at the same time

The number of NFTs/SFTs that you hold will define the number of rewards parts that you will get. This mechanism can also be used to balance your exposition. For example, you can hold 2 NFTs from The Round Table and 10 SFTs from The Tavern, if you want to be mostly exposed to cross-chain investments.

Additional pools may appear in the future... stay tuned!

How the benefits are split:

Let's dive deeper into the diagram above. First of all, on The Round Table side, an alliance has been made with JEXChange. This alliance ensures passive incomes only by holding JEX tokens. 100% of the rewards coming from JEXChange are sent to the NFT holders.

From the benefits obtained with the investment bag:

  • πŸ‘‰ 10% will be staked to prevent a bad investment

  • πŸ‘‰ 50% will be sent to the NFT holders

  • πŸ‘‰ 35% will be added to the investment bag to make it grow with time

  • πŸ‘‰ The 5% left will be sent to the team

20 EGLD are allocated to the a "reactive wallet", this wallet is here to enable the team to react in the event of an interesting opportunity where the move needs to be done quickly. Using this wallet, the team does not need to propose a vote.

Finally, all the royalties are going to the NFT holders.

On The Tavern side now, the repartition is pretty similar with 35% of the benefits aiming to make the investment bag grow and all the royalties from the collection being distributed to the SFT holders.

The Round Table NFTs

Benefits and rewards will be split equally among the NFT holders. However, within the round table, His Majesty King Arthur will get 5X more rewards as he is the king. Also, King Arthur likes to have a very close advisor circle, these 9 special knights will get 3X more rewards than the other knights.

This means that the rewards will be split into 490 (500 – 10 special NFTs) + 5 (5 parts for the King) + 9* 3 (9 times 3 parts for the special knights) = 522 equal parts.

  • πŸ‘‰ King Arthur will get 5/522 of the rewards

  • πŸ‘‰ The special knights will get 3/522 of the rewards

  • πŸ‘‰ Regular knights will get 1/522 of the rewards

Let’s say that you hold 3 regular knight NFTs, you will get 3 shares, or 3/522 of the rewards.

The Tavern SFTs

On The Tavern side, all assets are SFTs, as they are all identical, they all get the same amounts of rewards.

The total supply is 588 SFTs. Thus, all the rewards will be split into 588 equal parts and sent to the SFT holders.

The Royal Council

As a knight, you will have a seat at the royal council. You will have the right to vote and take numbers of decisions.

For example, when a project is proposed for an investment, as a holder of an NFT of The Round Table or an SFT of The Tavern, you will have the right to decide whether we should invest in it or not.

An important note: votes are specific to one pool, meaning that you cannot take part to a vote for The Tavern if you are only holding an NFT from The Round Table, you will of course need an SFT from The Tavern to be able to vote.

Also, as we do not want whales to influence the vote too much, only one vote per wallet will be allowed.

Being part of The Round Table is nothing less than a journey during which you will meet incredible people who love helping each other, sharing tips and advice and enjoy discussing together on our Discord channels.

Thus, joining our community will surely help you grow within the crypto space. Also, we do count on our knights to tell us when an interesting project appears, so that we all make the project grow together.

Other advantages

On top of the rewards, we are regularly offering gifts on our Discord server such as white lists or other perks. For example, we will be able to participate to launchpads and will be able to provide winning tickets to our holders.


The Round Table offers a clear and simple vision. The project aims at investing as a community to offer recurring rewards. We have everything ready to grow with our amazing community. We are not promising unachievable things but we have no limits!

Our moto: Communnity, Money & Fun !